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Work as a tour guide in Riga

If you would like to join our dynamic team of tour guides in Riga please feel free to get in touch. Ideally you would be enthusiastic, open minded, modern thinking, English speaking and Licensed as a tour guide by Riga city council.

If you are not licensed as a guide but feel you want to become one then we can assist you to get the paper work you need.

Becoming a guide at Riga free tour

You will need to demonstrate your enthusiasm and knowledge of Riga and Latvia. If you are already licensed and have been on some guiding courses, you may want to break away from the stiff and formal guiding approach you were taught and come along on some of our tours to see how we do things.

We want our clients to enjoy the tour.s These are not lectures and the subjects can vary depending on what is happening around the World and Latvia today. History is the foundation for all of our excursions but the modern traveller is as interested in current affairs and local nuances as they are the past.

If you wish to become a licensed guide and have us assist you in the process you will need to meet certain criteria.

  1. You will need to hold a BA degree or higher (any field is fine)

  2. You will need to either be a Latvian citizen or have Latvian language accreditation

  3. You will need to complete a guiding course over a few months.

We are looking for the best of the best in knowledge, performance and crowd pleasing. You need to be yourself and at the same time be aware of the crowd.


If you want to join our team, drop us a line.


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